Who We Are

The Shift finds purpose in enabling potential influencers to focus and find clarity on their Personal Brand Solution. This knowledge enables them to take responsibility for their area of calling to positively impact their cultural sphere as they represent teams, organisation’s, entrepreneurs, families, educators/administrators, government officials, media experts and community leaders.

The Shift’s learning process is designed to teach, coach, develop, facilitate, assess and impart leadership principles to stimulate personal growth through identifying gifting, passion, and vision we call “Personal Brand Solution” PBS. The purpose of Education in this context is to refine and shape a gift as a solution to solve problems. A person’s “Personal Brand Solution” is the source of their value; what people are prepared to pay for, to solve a problem and their future work or calling.

Meet Our Team

Why Do We Help You?

So that you can live with Courage and Persistence, Inspire Responsibility, Reveal Purpose, Create Brilliance…

We Want You To Become…

A pioneering generation of influencers that show up in families, business, education, community, media, government, and creative environments, that are living principled, trustworthy lives, and making meaningful contributions in everything they build, shaping culture by bringing solutions to the so-called ‘unfixable’ socio-economic problems.

Who Will Benefit?

Potential millennial leaders and generation Z within Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions. Leaders, CEO’s, Managers, Supervisors/Team leaders, Employees, Officials, Single people and Spouses/Partners across the cultural spectrum within business, education, creatives, family, multi-media, government, and community.

The Shift as a Collaborative Platform is

an endeavour to collaborate with millennials, coaches, mentors, educators, parents, entrepreneurs, change agents, policy creators, and cultural influencers to address the so-called unfixable problems of society. The collaborative platform creates an opportunity to strategically, address the following key issues in an integrated manner to improve the impact of sustainable solutions in solving socio-economic challenges:

  • Teaching and modeling principled-based solutions to socio-economic needs.
  • Creating environments/conversations/connections where leaders can gain insight and traction.
  • Connecting people for strategic alignment, focus and clarity on potential solutions.
  • Uniting citizens and citizen groups who are aligned with Judeo-Christian principles and values.
  • Discovering and promoting solutions and models that are working.
  • Aligning and positioning solutions strategically for maximum impact.
  • Changing the perceived value of  Purpose Driven Culture.

Meet our Team

Henk Swanepoel

Henk Swanepoel
My goal is to help individuals, families and organisations experience more design convergence and the significant boost in releasing potential into purpose. I think decoding the creative design of mandate, gifting, character and passion into real solutions is the best way to achieve that aim.

Hayley Swanepoel

Hayley Swanepoel

In a world of much brokenness and fragility in relationships our hope is to impart wisdom and clarity and lead those God sends us towards wholeness.

John Daniel Eksteen

Rachel Swanepoel

That we may know and be known by God. That we would abide in Him and He in us. Intimacy with Him is the oxygen we need to fulfill the mandate He has set out before us.

Annami Bruwer

Annami Bruwer
Get out of the way and live limitless.

John Daniel Eksteen

John Daniel Eksteen

“I believe that with the fusion of business, innovation, education and creativity a better world can be created not only for us, but for all future generations. This is the true calling of a fusionist.”

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