Our Main Goal

is to develop change agent Leaders, Teams, Organisations, Entrepreneurs and Families to make T H E S h î f t to Excellence

THE SHIFT NPC is an Innovative People De-Risking Solution focused on enabling sustainable growth and high-impact culture transformation, project stakeholder alignment, and broad based socio-economic development.

Our Drive

is to see primarily youth come to life from the inside out and live with simplicity, focus and clarity on who they are,
why they are, and where they are heading, making a mark that cannot be erased.

We are your Co-Explorers

your sparring partner or a shoulder you can lean on in your development process. Step by step we guide you to the successful launch of your
Personal Brand Solution™, all those ideas that has kept you awake at night for so long.

Meet our Team

Hayley Swanepoel


In a world of much brokenness and fragility in relationships our hope is to impart wisdom and clarity and lead those God sends us towards wholeness.

Annami Bruwer


Get out of the way and live limitless.

John Daniel Eksteen


Mastering communication skills, creating healthy bodymind habits and developing a culture of mindfulness where innovation, critical thinking and a sense of wellbeing can flourish. A practical and healthy guide to navigating stress, burnout, anxiety, body and vocal fatigue.

John Daniel Eksteen


Sibusiso Ethan Ntuli deliver a message to global investors that South Africa holds the capability to have positive returns in competitive investment initiatives. Africa is a place where connectivity needs to be functional. Communities must benefit directly from the initiatives promoted or managed by the LUYC.

John Daniel Eksteen

John Daniel

I believe that with the fusion of business, innovation, education and creativity a better world can be created not only for us, but for all future generations. This is the true calling of a fusionist.

Henk Swanepoel


My goal is to help individuals, families and organisations experience more design convergence and the significant boost in releasing potential into purpose. I think decoding the creative design of mandate, gifting, character and passion into real solutions and in the context of a functional change agent, is the best way to achieve that aim.

The “BIG Risk” question and denominator which Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Contrapreneurs and Extrapreneurs have in common is “Are People living and working with Purpose?” i.e. are people feeling that they contribute meaningfully, significantly, working from their gifting and making a positive difference in their own and others’ lives.

“Personal Brand Solution™(PBS™)” is our passion. PBS™ is the apex of a Purpose Oriented Person shifting into excellence. PBS™ is defined as the integrated, holistic creative design capabilities creating a Purpose Orientated person of excellence.
We facilitate the development of the 7 PBS keys to s h i f t your leaders, teams, organisations and families into excellence. We help you uncover and apply your unique Personal Brand Solution™ to the so-called unfixable problems in your business and society.