T H E S h î f t’s Organisational Solutions

Within the Organisational Excellence context, our core capabilities allow us to pursue purposeful high trust relationships with ideal clients. We serve Team Members, Leaders, Teams, Organisations, Start-ups and Projects, who are driven to see Socio-economic Change & Transformation within the following core spheres:

Agriculture, Aviation, Arts & Entertainment, Design, Education, Human Resources, Information Technology, Multi-Media, Mining,                            Manufacturing and Government.

Our Strategic Partnerships within the above-mentioned core spheres allow us to execute on what we do best, which is to align, facilitate, equip, prepare, develop, train, collaborate, and unlock excellence in organisational cultures, leaders, team members, teams, projects, and organisations.

When we talk about “Excellence” we see a heartset, mindset, skillset and toolset in operation that produces consistency in:

Clarity on Why, What, Who and How,

Capable & Innovative thinking on what needs to be done,

Able and willing Leaders who prioritise the growth  of High Trust Relationships,

Strategic Cultural Alignment,

Soft Skill Capable Leaders and Project Managers to improve Agile Results,

Being Present when Communicating,

Strategic Intent Delivery on Finding, Attracting, Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Specialist Human Resources,

Role Mastery and a focus on High Performers, and

Leaders who are able, willing and resilient in managing Ongoing Change & Challenges.

This is realised through the following:

1. Assessing Individual, Team, and Organisational FIT for Excellence; Discovering & Understanding Individual, Team, and Organisational Focus & Potential Impact; Preparing for Change; Placing People for Purpose and Aligning Teams through The Focus Interface Tool:

2. Decoding, facilitating and developing “Personal Brand Solution” (PBS) for Excellence. Discover and Develop your Personal Brand as a Solution to solve problems and/or create opportunities in Excellence: 
THE PBS™ Awakening

3. Leading from your PBS in Excellence – Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in your Sphere of Influence. Learn to apply Key Drivers and Accelerators towards Sustainable Change and Impact:                                                                                                                                                             THE PBS™ Leader

4. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in start-up and seasoned Coaches to grow relational trust, foster open dialogue and transparency in unlocking & developing Influencer’s Personal Brand as a Solution in Excellence:
THE PBS™ Coach

5. Moving from “accidental or forced” to “intentional” or “purposeful” change – Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in the Change Agent:
THE PBS™ Agent of Change

6. Moving people from “resistance” to “contribution”. Facilitating Executive teams need to figure out “what to change”, before “how to change” – in particular, what to change first – Key is understanding the Catalyst, Purpose & Competence driving change:
THE PBS™ “CPC” of Change

7. Mastering communication skills, creating healthy body/mind habits and developing a culture of mindfulness where innovation, critical thinking and a sense of wellbeing can flourish. A practical and healthy guide to navigating stress, burnout, anxiety, body and vocal fatigue:
THE PBS™ Embodiment

8. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for High Performance Teams in Excellence. Aligning teams for understanding, collaboration and improved results. The High Performance Team in Excellence describes a team that consistently shows exceptionally high levels of collaboration, innovation and character that produces superior results:
THE PBS™ Team of Excellence

9. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in Leaders, Teams and Orgaisations. Moving your organisation from mediocre to a level of excellence requires a funda­mental S h î f t in your organisational culture. When you build an organisational culture of excellence, you create organisational capability that releases potential, empowers people, promotes clarity of focus, engages em­ployees resulting in higher trust levels and a sense of meaningful contribution.
THE PBS™ Culture of Excellence

10. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset in Safety Leaders to function in Excellence:                                                                                                   THE PBS™ Safety Leader

11.  Safety and health considerations need to permeate all levels of a company’s culture, informing decisions, planning, activities and behaviours. It is not enough to simply have safety rules, training and protocols in effect. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in Supervisors become the lead measures to Lead their teams in Safety with Excellence:                                                                                    THE PBS™ Safe Supervisor

12. Capturing stories through Multi-Media Production: Telling stories and dealers in hope – Filming and Producing Project Documentaries; Project startup products, services & advertisements; Short Films, Capturing Corporate Retreats/Events:
THE PBS™ Heroes

13. Facilitating Project Startups through high end Organisational-, Management- and Operations Consulting practices shifting project teams from their Current Reality to their Desired Reality:
THE PBS™ Consultant

14. Facilitating Project Collaboration Application Practice – Learning to build with others around PBS:
THE PBS™ Project