T H E S h î f t’s Organisational Solutions

Within the Organisational context our core purpose is to serve Individuals, Teams, Organisations, Start-ups and Projects, who are driven to see Socio-economic Transformation within the following spheres:

Arts & Entertainment
Organisational, Entrepreneurial, Education and

This is realised through the following:

1. Assessing Individual, Team and Organisational FIT for Excellence; Discovering & Understanding Focus & Potential Impact; Getting Ready for Change; Placing People for Purpose and Aligning Teams through The Focus Interface Tool:

2. Decoding, facilitating and developing “Personal Brand Solution” (PBS) for Excellence. Discover and Develop your Personal Brand as a Solution to solve problems and/or create opportunities in Excellence: 
THE PBS™ Awakening

3. Leading from your PBS in Excellence – Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in your Sphere of Influence. Learn to apply Key Drivers and Accelerators towards Sustainable Change and Impact:                                                                                                                                                             THE PBS™ Leader

4. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in start-up and seasoned Coaches to grow relational trust, foster open dialogue and transparency in unlocking & developing Influencer’s Personal Brand as a Solution in Excellence:
THE PBS™ Coach

5. Moving from “accidental or forced” to “intentional” or “purposeful” change – Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in the Change Agent:
THE PBS™ Agent of Change

6. Moving people from “resistance” to “contribution”. Facilitating Executive teams need to figure out “what to change”, before “how to change” – in particular, what to change first – Key is understanding the Catalyst, Purpose & Competence driving change:
THE PBS™ “CPC” of Change

7. Mastering communication skills, creating healthy body/mind habits and developing a culture of mindfulness where innovation, critical thinking and a sense of wellbeing can flourish. A practical and healthy guide to navigating stress, burnout, anxiety, body and vocal fatigue:
THE PBS™ Embodiment

8. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for High Performance Teams in Excellence. Aligning teams for understanding, collaboration and improved results. The High Performance Team in Excellence describes a team that consistently shows exceptionally high levels of collaboration, innovation and character that produces superior results:
THE PBS™ Team of Excellence

9. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in Leaders, Teams and Orgaisations. Moving your organisation from mediocre to a level of excellence requires a funda­mental S h î f t in your organisational culture. When you build an organisational culture of excellence, you create organisational capability that releases potential, empowers people, promotes clarity of focus, engages em­ployees resulting in higher trust levels and a sense of meaningful contribution.
THE PBS™ Culture of Excellence

10. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset in Safety Leaders to function in Excellence:                                                                                                   THE PBS™ Safety Leader

11.  Safety and health considerations need to permeate all levels of a company’s culture, informing decisions, planning, activities and behaviors. It is not enough to simply have safety rules, training and protocols in effect. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset in Supervisors to Lead their teams in Safety with Excellence:                                                                                                                                                                                      THE PBS™ Safe Supervisor

12. Capturing stories through Multi-Media Production: Telling stories and dealers in hope – Filming and Producing Project Documentaries; Project startup products, services & advertisements; Short Films, Capturing Corporate Retreats/Events:
THE PBS™ Heroes

13. Facilitating Project Startups through high end Organisational-, Management- and Operations Consulting practices shifting project teams from their Current Reality to their Desired Reality:
THE PBS™ Consultant

14. Facilitating Project Collaboration Application Practice – Learning to build with others around PBS:
THE PBS™ Project