T H E S h î f t’s Community Solutions

Within the Community context our core purpose is realised through serving Men, Women, Families, Young Adults, and Community Leaders who are driven and called to enable Socio-economic Transformation within their cultural spheres.

We do this through the following:

1. Assessing Individual, Team, Organisational and Family FIT for Excellence; Discovering & Understanding Individual, Team, Organisational and Family Focus & Potential Impact; Preparing for Change; Placing People for Purpose and Aligning Teams through The Focus Interface Tool:

2. Getting Back to Basics – Awakening People; Shifting & Developing Mindsets and Heartsets in Excellence:
THE PBS™ Foundation

3. Decoding, facilitating and developing “The Personal Brand Solution” (PBS) for Excellence. Discover and Develop your Personal Brand as a Solution to solve problems and/or create opportunities in Excellence: 
THE PBS™ Awakening

4. Discovering, Developing and Implementing the required Heartset-Mindset, Skillset and Toolset for THE Fathering Mandate of Excellence:
THE PBS™ Father

5. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in building purposeful connections between God, dad, mom, and children:
THE PBS™ Family

6. Developing and facilitating the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence towards purposeful connection in Education, Learning & Development between parents, teachers/ administrators and learners:

7. Developing the required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence in learners to facilitate the effective transitioning from Primary- to High School, High School to Tertiary Institutions, and Tertiary Intitutions/Other to the Workplace:
THE PBS™ Learner

8. Facilitating the optimization of voice and body integration:
THE PBS™ Embodiment

9. Comming Soon – Developing the  required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence to Facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy involving the pairing of children/adults with horses in early childhood development to overcome emotional hurdles, issues, conditions or physical trauma:
THE PBS™ Heart