Footprints for Generations…
The greatest Family legacy/contribution comes from members who are Purpose Oriented.


Passion for Assignment…
The most influential “movers and shakers” in education are Purpose Oriented.


Love thy neighbour…
The most valuable community Leaders are Purpose Oriented.


Be Consistent-Be Trustworthy…
The most valuable governmental services are done through officials that are Purpose Orientated.



Profit for Purpose…
The most valuable workforce members are Purpose Oriented.


Tell your story…
The most valuable story tellers and dealers in hope are Purpose Oriented.


Making Heroes…
The most valuable creatives are Purpose Oriented.



We are privileged to be part of a solution that brings good news to our nation’s future. Our youth are to be agents of change, and our young people’s inclusion in the peace and economic security agenda, and society more broadly, is key to building and sustaining peace. Their role in the workforce and economic development of our nation is critical as they represent, at any given moment, more than a third of the workforce in our country. In these times of change and conflict, young people also have an important role in deterring and solving conflicts and are key constituents in ensuring the success of both peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts.
In South Africa, the ‘Youth Mandate Collaboration Platform (YMCP) is initiated with the Shift’s Youth Mandate Change Agent Program. It will concentrate on outstanding youth in different spheres of life, their capacity building and their role in bringing sustainable change in society. With the YMCP, the Shift wants to empower young leaders to take over responsibility in their society, and lead in a way that will inspire hope and encourage civil society to be productive citizens in South Africa. The overall aim of the program is to devise, strengthen and support the YMCP in South Africa, working on Peace, by building a culture of ethics, resolving conflict, and ensuring societal, family and enterprise change capability.
Our change agents will inspire responsibility and reveal purpose. The Shift has accepted the mandate as an integrated team of seasoned mentors and inspired, capable youth change agents to develop a master plan of human development for the youth. The Shift Solutions has been accepted to form a key building block with our strategic partners whose mandate and focus play out in Broad-Based Balanced Inclusive Socio-Economic Development Enterprise Initiatives for economic development transformation of SA.

The things  that got you to your Current Results
won’t get you to your Future Outcomes

Functioning in Time of High Anxiety

How are some organizations adjusting to COVID-19?

A True Test of Company Culture

Thinking about this concept of the human side of remote work, it’s about understanding and building relationships with the people you work with.

This means, that the beliefs, thinking and behaviours that got you to this point in your organisation are the ones that will keep you stuck and prevent you from getting to your next level of results. To make those new results a reality, you must S h î f t your focus.

Personal Brand Solution (PBS) is the apex of a Purpose Oriented Person shifting into excellence.

PBS™ is defined as the integrated, holistic creative design capabilities creating a Purpose Orientated person of excellence.
We facilitate the development of individuals, teams’ and organisations’ 7 PBS keys to S h î f t into excellence. We help you uncover and apply your unique Personal Brand Solution™ to the so-called unfixable problems in your business, with your clients and society.

8 Things Excellent Organisations Do:

  • Have made T H E S h î f t to Develop the Mandated Owner/Decision makers over the Organisation.
  • Are Clear on and Live Their Personal Brand Solution.

  • Have Courageous Leaders Who Inspire Their Teams and Extend Trust.

  • Are Intentional in Enterprise wide Change Capability Building.

  • Invest in Their People’s Personal Development.

  • Have Employees Who Are Personally Invested in the Purpose of the Organisation.

  • Develop an Organisational Learning Culture Designed to Achieve Sustainable Results.

  • Are Intentional in Developing Leaders required Heartset-Mindset for Excellence.

S h î f t to Excellence- Talk to us!

You cannot prevent a major catastrophe, but you can build an organisation that is battle ready, that has high morale, that knows how to behave, that trusts in itself, and where people trust one another. In military training, the first rule is to instil soldiers with trust in their officers, because without trust they won’t fight.” – Peter Drucker

What S h î f t in Heart- & Mindset do
your People need to make towards Excellence?

If you want to get to the next level or the next step, something has to end. Life has seasons and stages. For anything to be new you have to let go of old things on purpose.

Without the ability to end things people get stuck!

What endings are you prepared to make in order to create space to have new beginnings?

This is true in organisations also! To reach the highest levels of employee engagement & commitment, client satisfaction, and organisational results, we need to let go of what is, and develop and encourage new beliefs and thinking in Excellence. When this s h î f t, that leads to high trust, innovative, highly collaborative and fully accountable Cultures occur, people become more focused, aligned and motivated to pursue greater results. This type of culture has the power to transform everything!

Begin Your S h î f t

How would you describe your organisation’s culture?
Is it a innovative space? Is there a high level of trust and multi-level engagement? Are the Top level leaders inspirational? Does that inspiration flow through the whole organisation? Are Mid level leaders and  team members aligned, engaged, collaborative, and accountable? Do your clients say that you are trully purpose oriented, and capable to serve them consistently? If the answer isn’t a definitive yes, then something in your Culture needs to S h î f t and something in your Brand needs to   S h î f t. To do that requires a fundamental change in the way team members and leaders believe, think and work.
This is why, when we work with clients, the first thing that we focus on is creating  a S h î f t in PBS with the required Heart- & Mindset.

All the skills development and training in the world will not give you the results you want without the right PBS Heart- & Mindset.

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