Don’t be swayed by feelings in your relationships. Feelings are sometimes good, sometimes bad-they fluctuate according to circumstances. As an Air Traffic Controller, I always loved fighter aircraft, but the sad reality is that I don’t have the skill or knowledge to fly them. You can love someone but not know or have the skills to live relationally with them!

Love does not keep a marriage together. This controversial statement might create confusion, but having knowledge of your spouse and how they react to any given situation is what keeps a marriage on course.

It is not love that is the problem! It is knowledge to function that’s the problem!

A ll divorced people were once in love, but other things came up in the relationship that were stronger than love.

Infidelity, neglect, irresponsibility, emotional and or physical abuse…all needing a high level of trust.

Successful marriages are the result of the application of knowledge, not the exchange of love.

Solomon said these wise words “Wisdom is supreme, so get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding”

You need to understand what it means to live with another human and how to manage your emotions and disagreements.

We all need knowledge and wisdom to function in relationships- without it we will break off relationships as soon as it gets difficult. Every second marriage now potentially ends in divorce.

The words of God spoken through the prophet Hosea rings ominously in our ears: “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge – because you have rejected knowledge you cannot be a priest before me, and I will reject your children also”

This means that having knowledge is a choice, which means that ignorance is a choice too…Secondly, and more importantly, when parents choose to stay ignorant their children inherit that ignorance and ignorance then becomes generational.

What you don’t know is transferred to your children! The less you know the less they can learn. The more you learn the more you can teach them.

Get the knowledge and in all that knowledge get understanding for your children and the generations to come!